Sound Transit Maintenance and Operations Base

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Amy Columbo

The Sound Transit Maintenance and Operations Base is an integral component in Seattle’s regional light rail infrastructure system, connecting a number of communities. One of the first of its kind in the U.S., the facility plays not only a critical operational role for Sound Transit but serves as an important civic building in the quest to build livable and sustainable communities with transit.

Located in Seattle’s rapidly developing SODO industrial neighborhood, the building sets a design standard for the transit industry and demonstrates a commitment to contributing aesthetically to the communities it serves. The team worked successfully with the Seattle Design Commission, offering project presentations, soliciting feedback, and integrating comments in pursuit of final approval.

The facility is carefully configured to accommodate an array of complementary activities to ensure a world-class transit system including:

Interpretive Center – Regularly scheduled public tours serve as a learning and educational tool for the community, particularly young school children, illustrating the complex nature of transit and how it benefits the Seattle area.

Training Facility – Training is offered for new drivers, maintenance personnel and conductors to guarantee safe and efficient light rail operation.

Fleet Maintenance – A large shop enables a heavy flow of maintenance traffic to ensure continuous and reliable transportation.

Control Center – Using high-tech equipment to communicate with the FAA flight control tower, precise route scheduling is conducted to align with airport arrivals and pickups.

Offices and Storage – Both are located within the maintenance and operations facility to provide staff and operational efficiencies.


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